The Lawler Trombone

Model 1 
The flagship of my model line the Model 1 is made in the traditional proportions like the trombones made famous in the 1940's thru the 1960's. Good balance in the hand due to the intrigal counter balance. The yellow brass stem is great for all types of playing and will give you a wide results of color change when you change flares. Listed below are the specs:
.022 yellow brass stem (most versatile and popular)
8 inch yellow brass .022 flare
Model 1R .022 red brass stem. (warmer tone overall)
Available slide bore sizes:
.500 bore yellow or nickel outside tubes
.508 bore yellow or nickel outside tubes
.500/.508 dual bore yellow or nickel tunes
Price: $2375.00 in brush lacquer.
Carbon Fiber Outside slide adds $400.00
No case or mouthpiece
Model 1 or 1R package deal
Any choice of bore and material in brush lacquer with extra flare and case.
Carbon Fiber outside slide adds $400.00

Model 1 above Model 2 below
Model 2 
The Lawler Model 2 is very popular with players who like a more set back bell. Much like the Ball Room Models of the past the bell is closer to the players face thus giving the player more feed back of his or her sound. Listed below are the specs:

.022 thick Yellow brass stem (most versatile and popular) 8 inch .022 think yellow brass flare.

Model 2R .022 thick red brass stem (warmer overall sound) 8 inch .022 thick red brass flare.
Available Slide Bore Sizes:
.500 bore yellow or nickel outside slide tubes.
.508 bore yellow or nickel slide tubes.
.500/.508 dual bore yellow or nickel slide tubes.
Price in Brush Lacquer $2375.00
Carbon Fiber Outside Slide adds $400.00
Model 2 or 2R Package deal any choice of bore or material and extra flare in brush lacquer with case.
Carbon Fiber Slide adds $400.00
Model 3
Pictured below is the Model 3. In the style of the Earl Williams J bend model my Lawler Model 3 has a full bodied sound characteristic of the Williams trombone. It has a very quick response in attack and dynamic. Great balance in the hand.
Available in Yellow brass and red brass.
.500 bore Yellow or nickel outside tubes.
.508 bore Yellow or Nickel outside tubes.
.500/.508 dual bore Yellow or Nickel tubes.
Carbon fiber slides also available.
Extra Lawler Flares
Y-2 Yellow brass .022 thickness. This flare will have a fat brighter sound with great punch, best for Salsa and Pop.

Y-5 Yellow brass .025 thickness. This bell flare is great for all types of commercial playing. Centered full sound.

R-2 Red brass .022 thickness. Good all around sound with more mid color.

R-5 Red brass .025 thickness. This bell has a very warm full tone great for small group jazz and big band solo.

Z-5 Bronze .025 Bronze has color much like copper bells but with more ringing quality. This flare in 8" is great for concert band and large group playing.
Z-2 Bronze .022 Same as above in color of sound but lighter in weight. It will tend to get a little more highs in the sound.
These are general characteristics of each of these flares however the beauty of this system is that you can screw it on and try it! I can help you in your initial choice of bell flare and stem that would best suit your needs.

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